Performance - Phantom Schoolgirl Army - Hangjun Lee // Cipher Screen - Greg Pope

Greg Pope

45’ | 16 mm | Color - B&W


Screening: 2 16 mm projectors | Live sound feed: Alan Courtis


Cipher Screen

<i>Cipher Screen</i> is live art cinema using two prepared 16 mm film projectors and a live sound feed. This work harnesses the mechanisms of film and cinema; the projector, the film material, the darkened room and synchronized sound. The imagery begins with loops of completely black film. Two projections are superimposed on the screen and black emulsion is slowly abraded creating star-like piercings, then more linear scratchings, lines crisscross the screen with increasing density, diagonal lines appear, creating an unstable, mutable graphic architecture. It ends with the projection of the ripped, textured, scratched and torn celluloid base in the shape of two crossed frames.

Hangjun Lee

20’ | 16 mm | B&W


Screening: 3 16 mm projectors and flash lighting kit for photography / Live sound feed: Alan Courtis

Performance - Phantom Schoolgirl Army

<i>Phantom Schoolgirl Army</i> is based on a collection of military photographic portraits, and elaborates on the story of North Korean spies disguised as high school girls during the Yeosu-Suncheon rebellion of 1948. The South Korean government used this legend as anti-Communist propaganda.

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