Theatrics of Landscape: A Dialogue with Valérie Jouve


Photographer and filmmaker Valérie Jouve tirelessly roams the city in search of its inhabitants. Observer of the urban landscape, she fabricates unique space-times, questioning our customs of perception. In a documentary-like vision, Valérie Jouve shows situations, landscapes, characters. In her works, the classic themes of the landscape and the portrait come together in an image that mixes the individual figure close to intimacy, to the collective of urbanism. In this space, moving, fluctuating, shared, that the artist highlights in her photography, apprehending at the same time the body of the city and of the human being that inhabits it. Closed frames, suspended bodies, the characters neither caricatured or anecdotal. From the relation between the figure and the frame a new emotion is born. While at the same time they are witnesses to a reality, these photographs show a plurality and establish doubt.

In the context of the talk, the following works will be projected:

Grand Littoral /Gran litoral

20’ | 2003

On the outskirts of Marseille, in a landscape crisscrossed by motorways, railways and scrubland paths, some figures that seem to be from her famous photos pass by and bump into each other. They act as our guides in a tour without beginning or end. How do you look at a place without taking possession of it? How do you describe characters without confining them within a given plot? How do you make the transition from still shots to moving pictures? This brief, musical film leaves us asking these and other unresolved questions (Jean-Pierre Rehm).


51’ | 2015

El trabajo gira en torno a Tania Carl, una cantante francesa de blues que decide escapar de Europa e irse a vivir a Guatemala. The work revolves around Tania Carl, a French blues singer who has decided to escape Europe and live in Guatemala.

Claudia Joskowicz (Bolivia, 1968) lives and works between New York and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. She received her Master’s in Fine Arts from New York University in 2000. Joskowicz teaches in the Steinhardt Department of Art of the same university. Her video works focus on the narratives flaws that occur when texts or events are taken out of their original context, mediated through technology.

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