Presentation of Collective Projects: Arkhé/Hambre


Presentation BIM Memory 2016

The BIM is a meeting place for creators, researchers, students, cultural producers and for all lovers of audiovisual art in its more diverse forms. In this unique social climate, we weave a rich web of conversations, opinions, experiences, confessions, agreements and disagreements that add up to a body of thought that goes beyond the lists of activities and characters that a catalogue might cover. These memory is the result of an attempt to save some of that special enthusiasm experienced during the days when the BIM takes place.

Arkhé is an audiovisual arts research and production collective made up of Ivana Castagnetti, Gonzalo Egurza, Fabiana Gallegos and Ariel Nahón. It was formed in 2012 with the goal of constructing spaces of reflection for emerging productions, displaced from conventional circuits, as well as devising strategies of thinking about the tradition of experimental video and cinema, focusing its study on the output of Argentine and Latin American artists. Since 2013, it has been running the programming of the Invertir el ojo (‘Invert the Eye’) cycle and the Más allá del cine (‘’Beyond Cinema’) workshop at the Club Cultural Matienzo. The collective’s members are graduates of the Universidad del Cine, teachers, filmmakers and cultural managers.

The radicality of the image. Overflowing Latin American latitudes. On some forms of experimental cinema

The writing compiled here seeks to make heard and continue via other media the affirmative overflowing that the radicality of the image as a constitutive formula of a unique cinema composes not only but especially in Amerindian latitudes. Thus, Overflowing Latin American Latitudes is the fragile way in which we carry out this publishing exercise, where we insist on the unique without replacing the identitary. When the strength of the audiovisual overflows, becoming always the remains of remains, it is only left to us to invent tangential forms, winding and delicate to approach the ever evanescent matter-film. This matter, like the force of the river, opens up new volumes, where whoever is open to talk nonsense can make a pororoca of perception. That is, an encounter of waters, an encounter of forces. Pororoca, from the tupi-guarani language—pororó-ká —means “great roar”, what we hear when tens of kilometres of the river Amazon meet the Atlantic Ocean. The twinkling of those little big roars is what we want to bring together in this first publication of Hambre. We always talk about a better cinema. Only by being less and defending a perpetual state of infancy inherent to the matter-film can we enter into movements of radicalization and experimentation.

Hambre is an observatory and a laboratory dedicated to research, dialogue and production of critical and sensitive thought by contagion and connection to experimental cinema(s). We have a strong emphasis on Latin American expression. Without hierarchies and with an open state of mind, disregarding any kind of completeness, the cinema that impels us is fertile and precarious, like the crabs that inhabit the mangrove swamp. We feel that our originality is our hunger. A hunger that destabilizes structures and forms, undermines the commonplace and banishes univocal points of view because its manifestation is violence. A hunger, an overwhelming force that excludes itself from industry norms, fighting market restrictions and lies, against the exploitation of the “exoticism” in supposedly “underdeveloped” geographies. An irrefutable condition of this cinema is to give an ethical and political place to what it faces. A hunger that has to be experienced, that calls itself experimental cinema.

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